How to Build a Wardrobe


            The scenario: You’ve recently graduated, started a new job, or landed that promotion and realize that you need to refine your wardrobe. Your old trousers and dress shirts aren’t cutting it anymore and it’s time to upgrade to a more professional, up to date look.

Tieless-and-pocket-square - 1.jpg

            Where do I start? The first step is to evaluate your situation. Understand the position you are stepping in to and look to people already in that position, or similar positions, to help gauge which direction your wardrobe should take. Is it a casual office where open collar shirts and sport coats are the trend? Or a more professional environment where fitted suits and neckties dominate the field? Only then can you take the next step in you and your wardrobes journey; purchasing your staple garments.

The Staple Garments: Now it’s time to buy, but what should you buy? When building a wardrobe it’s important to keep the idea of versatility in mind. Purchase items you can mix and match frequently and get good use and value out of. When we see clients in this position looking to purchase suits, we recommend three standard colors: Navy, Grey, and Black. These are essentially the building blocks of a good wardrobe. All are very versatile, can be worn year round, with many different color/pattern shirts, and can be worn in many different situations and events. 


        For shirts, whites and blues are the ideal place to start. Again, they are very versatile and easy to pair with different necktie/suit combinations. Once you have your staple garments you can begin to venture out and select items that better serve you. For Suits, look to Blues, different shades of Grey or Black and maybe even some Pinstripes. As far as shirts, look to add more colors or textures; Lavender, Cream, Pink, and White Textures are some examples of shirts easy to pair with many suits.

Invest in Yourself: Lastly is to invest in yourself. Not only will a higher quality garment fit and feel better, but it will last much longer than most inexpensive options. When wearing a well-fitting Bespoke or even off the rack garment you begin to exude confidence. You look and feel better and people start to notice. This is what gives you the division from the pack that you are looking for when heading in to a new position. It will be a new chapter in your life and you’ll thank yourself for taking the time to invest in yourself.