About Custom Suits

Almost anyone can buy a ready made suit and have it fit OK, but the feeling you get from a Rocco's Custom-Made Suit is unsurpassed. It all starts with the selection of fine imported fabrics that best meet your need and style. For that personal touch we pay particular attention to details. Some of those details that can be built in to your suit coat are hand sewn button holes with vented sleeves, choice of coat linings with built in pocket squares to match, over sized breast pockets for the travailing man, pen pockets, signature cell phone pocket, hand stitched coat edges, and much more . Trousers are constructed with a re-enforced waist band and extended curtain for comfort and durability, snugtex is used to hold your shirt in place, and choice of leg lining is optional. All trousers are constructed with durable pocket  lining and quality metal components. Custom made is more than taking measurements and offering various details, it is a collaboration of complexion, body type, and use of the garment . It's an art. The individual you entrust to produce a Custom Suit for you should be able to point out the pros and cons of your body type and develop the best design to meet your needs for both comfort and appeal. Commitment and many years of experience give Rocco an edge in the field to produce a garment that stands in a class of it's own.

Tips for the athletic male:
* The most crucial areas of a suit coat are; shoulder slopes, armhole size, flexed bicep size and
placement of sleeve relative to armhole.

* Most athletic individuals arms tend to extend forward. A sleeve placed in a normal stance would create discomfort  
under the arm and access wrinkles, it would also cause the sleeve to twist.

* Most athletic men tend to have a higher seat do to more muscle, a trouser constructed without this                       
consideration would pull in the crotch area creating discomfort and stress on the fabric, particularly when seated. A delicate balance between seat, position of thigh, and knee width is essential.

Tips for the larger male:
Because larger males vary in different ways it is essential that you present the issues you have had with ready made and custom made clothing, and address those concerns with your tailor first.

* The most crucial areas of a suit coat are shoulder slopes, armhole size and sleeve placement. As sleeves tend to ride higher on larger males, a half to three quarter inch additional length is helpful. Because arms tend to lay further out the side of the body, a quarter inch additional length to the outside portion of the sleeve ensures a balanced horizontal sleeve line.

* The best suit models for the larger male are a Two Button or Double Breasted, soft shoulder American models and in most cases no vents.

* A wider waist band on your trouser will provide more comfort and stability to your waist line. If you prefer cuffs, a   
one and three quarter width is proportionally correct.


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